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ground, get under there, fix the problem. there are lots of parked cars that will have to be moved or towed. they will be here for a while. avoid this area. the cable cars will not be in used by you will be bused around the area. >> happening right now dozens of energy customers in san rafael are without electricity after a power outage. 20,000 people lost power after 6:00 p.m. when a car crashed into a power pole and sever a main line. the remaining 66 customers will have their power restored by 7:30 this morning. >> crash in sonoma killed a woman who was walking around looking for her dog. according to the santa rosa press democrat she was hit on west avenue in rosewood
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neighborhood at 8:00. after she was hit the first time a second driver hit her. both are cooperating the witnesses say the cars seemed to have been driving normally and did not have enough time to stop. >> in hayward, game over to gamble online for cash with a unanimous vote in favor of an emergency 45-day moratorium on any new cafes in the city that sell internet time and offer access to games with cash prizes. right now the city has two of the cafes and the moratorium blocks any new cafes until officials can consider revising the zoning regulations. hayward issued an order to close the clubs. >> in petaluma a high school student was hospitalized with meningitis. officials say the 17-year-old went into the hospital over the weekend with a highly contagious disease. the petaluma high school student
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is in serious condition but is improving. according to the press democrat the school sent a warning to parents yesterday and family and friend whose have come in contact with the boy are now taking antibiotics. if untreated meningitis can be deadly 50 percent of the time. >> president obama made the first overtures to republicans on immigration reform with phone calls to three key senators. the president called john mccain, graham and rubio, after rubio called a leaked white house immigration plan half baked and seriously flawed. rubio took the president's call while in jerusalem and says he told the president he feels good about the ongoing senate negotiations. abc7 news anchor dan ashley is the only bay area journalist to interview the president at the white house and that will air tonight at abc7 and he will tweet from washington, dc, as well.
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>> we could learn if the blade runner, oscar pistorius, is granted bail as he awaits trial in the death of his model girlfriend. it is reported that the prosecution and defense have been argued over where oscar pistorius stood when the shots were fired. the prosecution believes he was standing inside the bathroom. the defense saying he was the hallway. also, south africa police say they found two boxes of testosterone and needles in oscar pistorius' bedroom. the lawyer says it was an herbal remedy. katie marzullo is following this developing story with the latest at top of the hour. authorities are using dogs in the search in the rubble of an explosion in kansas city. several people are still missing this morning after the dinner time blast in a popular entertainment district. the explosion flattened a cowedded restaurant, 14 people were hit, several critical. the fire burned for an hour. officials believe the explosion was caused by a contractor doing
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underground work that broke a natural gas line. >> this morning the white house is expected to lay out more aggressive steps to take in response to increase cyber attacks. the united states has evidence of a campaign of cyber stealing leaked to the chinese government and china denies the allegation. the united states is considering fines and other trade actions against any country guilty of cyber espionage. a security firm says the attacks have compromised more than 140 companies across the united states. apple has been hit bit largest hacking attack ever, saying some employees visit add website that installed malware and exploited apple to get to the system. apple stales is no evidence data was taken. facebook reported a similar security breach on friday. apple thinks this is originated in eastern europe. >> bay area automaker electric carmaker will come out with the quart remainly earnings report
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today the first time since a "new york times" reporter gave a less than flattering review of the model s two weeks ago. investors will look for how many of the luxury sedans were delivered to customers in the 4th quarter and the pace of people putting $5,000 down to reserve a new one. in november, they said they plan to delivered up to 3,000 of the model s sedans in the 4th quarter after delivery only 250 cars the quarter before but they have been trying to ramp up production. >> the c.e.o. was very upset about the review saying it was flawed. >> nothing flawed about this beautiful picture. >> along with the clear weather comes cold temperatures. >> it is a frosty morning in many areas and colder everywhere from nine degrees colder in oakland to six degrees colder in
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san bruno and double digits in concord and livermore and 11 to 12 degrees cooler in hayward and eight in santa rosa. most of us in the 30's to near 40 degrees this morning. by this afternoon hours we will have mostly sunny conditions and five to eight degrees warmer than yesterday. mid-50's along the coast, and upper 50's to low 60's for most of us during the afternoon hours around the bay and inland. as we move failure, we will jump a little bit each day, mostly sunny thursday, partly cloudy friday and a slight chance of a shower on saturday and an insider slider heads to the sierra and nevada more than it will the bay area. we will keep an eye on it. and an eye on traffic. sue? >> we go back to los altos hills with an accident southbound 280, blocking the left lane, and emergency crews and tow truck getting to the scene and a new accident 580 at the altamont pass road exit a car hit the
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embankment. we will check on that in the next couple of minutes. elsewhere we have no mass transit delays but as amy was telling us this is a water main break in the northeast area so the cable car will be a bus shuttle. kristen and eric? >> it is 4:38. heartbreaking story, a teenage girl is rescued from life on the streets. next, the police crackdown on prostitution in san jose's worst area for human trafficking. >> the bay area woman who had sex with teenages is back in trouble, an investigation uncovers
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>> santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area. this is abc7 news. >> 4:41 on wednesday. a live look out here, gorgeous view of the bay. from up this high you can see the camera shaking a little bit,
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a little bit breezy certainly crystal clear and combed. we will get details on the changing forecast with mike nicco coming up. >> the livermore woman who became known as hummer mom is back in jail for violating parole days after being released from prison. the 44-year-old christine hubbs finished a two-year and nine month jail science for having sex with two, 14-year-old boys in hotels and her home and the back of her hummer. they were her daughter's friends. last friday, they found porn in her home and now the abc7 news team learned police are investigating whether she was behind the case of cyberbullying on facebook and twitter. it involved criminal threats against one of the victims by hubs' two children made hours after she was arrested. >> he is scared. nervous. he is afraid. he doesn't know what is real and
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what is not and are people talking or do i really need to be worried about myself. >> she is held in jail in dublin awaiting a hearing that could mean up to 90 more days in custody. >> in the north bay police are looking for a bank robber who could be responsible for a string of hold ups in popular supermarkets. the latest happened at bank branch inside the safeway store in novato. a man in a black hoodie and blue jeans gave a note and ran off with undisclosed cash. two other banks have been hit in recent weeks. u.s. bank is now offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >> it is 4:43. >> san jose police are cracking down on prostitution in the worst area for human trafficking. we have more on recent stings and how police rescued a 16-year-old girl from life on the streets. >> san jose's monterey road
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corridor is known for one thing: it is where the prostitutes hang." >> the san jose police organized a human trafficking task force and went undercover twice. this is where an undercover operations took place. in a high traffic area known for prostitutes, around the corner from an elementary school and right in front of a library. >> one sting busted johns and the other targeted prostitutes. >> we located a 16-year-old female who is prostituting and in the interview she ended up telling the officers she was doing that since she was about 11. >> she should not be living like that. no one should. >> they want this to stop. he organized this "no more prostitution" march in september because of what many call an uptick in activity involving young girls. police admit that staffing and budget cuts are affecting
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enforcement. this girl who did not want to be identified, just wants her neighborhood back. >> they have asked us prices, and we, they approach us as if they are prostitutes also. >> since the stings, the process stouts and johns have disappeared. in san jose. >> giant fans, you may want to hit the bank, with rates for parking meters going up this season. starting march 4, meter hours are extended until 10:00 monday through saturday around the ballpark. game days the rates increase to $7 an hour. on nonevent days they go up a quarter an hour between 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. with the first even the world baseball classic march 17. >> some of the bay area highest mountains have a blanket of snow
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with light flurries falling before noon on highway 9 at skyline and kids made a snowman and had snowball fights as the conditions turned muddy and snow was seen on north bay and east bay hills. as mike nicco told us. >> he predict over a foot for the skiers so my friended driving back from tahoe said "tough drive." that was yesterday. >> that is what we talked about a terrible drive. but today, it will be that cold at that elevation but where we live, we have a warming trend later today but not this morning. live doppler 7 hd shows what a difference from yesterday to today. the clear sky out there is a reason why it is so frosty cold. look at some of the beautiful lights on the bay bridge this morning. dancing there and i can imagine
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what kind of song they are dancing to. now, the temperatures as you look at flags on the ferry building they are slim. 41 in san francisco and oakland san jose at 46 and novato and santa cruz mid-to-upper 30's and we are close to frost in both santa cruz and livermore. from mount tamalpais, can you see how clean this canadian/alaskan air is yielding temperatures in santa rosa freezing, 30, napa, freezing, 30. fairfield and concord close to 33. los gatos, 39 and gilroy is freezing and 32 degrees. we ahead into today, and we are going to focus in on all the sunshine and dry weather and the deep blue sky under the mostly sunny and milder afternoon. it will be clear tonight and frost likely inland again, and our afternoons we will see a slow warming trend starting today, tomorrow, and friday. here is the cold front pushing way past us, another one you can see up to the north but the jet stream from new on will take the
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storms into washington, oregon, and dive into idaho and nevada and head southeast. that is what we mean by inside slider, sliding to the inside of us rather than coming down on top of us. we will have the cold air in place so temperatures fall a little bit short of average. we are getting closer with upper 50's to low 60's in the south bay. 56 at millbrae and near 60 for everyone else on the peninsula. mid-to-upper 50's along the coast today with 57 in downtown san francisco. upper 50's to low 60's through the north bay and upper 50's along the east bay shore and possibly 60 in san land dry and san ramon was the cooler spot at 57 and we will top out at 51 in concord. the seven-day outlook shows a few degrees warmer today, tomorrow, friday, that inside slider for saturday gives us a few more clouds and we will see temperatures close to average and dry weather sunday, monday, and tuesday. have a great day. >> back to los altos an accident
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southbound 280 blocking the left lane with police on the scene and it is early so i do thought see significant slowing and hopefully they will get that cleared before the commute is underway. westbound 580 at altamont pass road a car blew a tire and no word if it is blocking a lane. i don't see real slowing. a little slow from the central valley. we have road work northbound 880 from 66 to fruitvale in the oakland area three left lanes until 5:00 this morning. and now a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays here and everything is light and moving into san francisco. kristen and eric? >> the state's public employees retirement system will decide if they are selling their stock in
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gun stuck. the state treasurer says this will be a symbol but will hold special meaning for school employees across california. >> in the east bay pittsburg will hold a gun buyback offers $200 for firearms and $300 for assault weapons. >> vice president biden gave a blunt answer to a question on gun control. listen to why he says americans don't need semi-automatic weapons for protection. >> you don't need an ar15, it is harder to aim, harder to use, you don't need 30 rounds to protect yourself. by a shotgun. buy a shotgun. >> he says he told his wife if there is a problem outside their home to grab a 12 gage shotgun and "fire two blasts outside the house." he was speaking as part of a facebook townhall posted by
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"parents" magazine. >> bay area university is bringing in the green, an amazing fundraising effort that set a new record. >> study could have a lot more men wearing breeds and why they could
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>> welcome back at 4:53. walnut creek will no longer issue liquor licenses to new clubs after the latest incident where police broke up a fight. aggravated assaults have risen by 16 percent and d.w.i.'s by 21 percent in 2012 from the previous year. not everyone thinks restricting licenses is the solution. >> a lot of restaurants in walnut creek but we believe there is room for more healthy competition and we don't want to stop that. >> the walnut creek police
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department's control of alcohol permits in 1997 after the alcohol beverage commission deemed the city saturated with permits, 170 businesses have full liquor licenses. >> stanford university hit a new record in fundraising, now the first university to raise $1 billion in a single year. the annual survey shows they collected $1 billion followed by harvard with $650 million and yale at $544 million. uc berkeley is top for public universities with $405 million going to research, construction, and financial aid. >> now the weather forecast at 4:54. there is still snow in the higher elevations. >> we will check with mike nicco to see if there is anymore rain left around here in the bay area in the lower elevations. >> we are dry. the bad news means you are scraping ice and there could be black ice to contend with in
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inland areas where the temperatures are hitting freezing and there is stillwater on bridges and overpasses and very few and far between. the waste of the weather is down to the south and you can see the high elevation snow and the valley rain and temperatures in los angeles topping out at 63 and 56 in san diego and most of the wet weather will be gone when you get there. eureka possibly a shower and 50 and tahoe has increased sunshine and 39. now a check of the traffic. sue? >> westbound 580 toward the altamont pass a car blew a tire and hit the embankment on the right shoulder and you could find stalling beyond the scene but it looks like speeds are at the normal speed over the altamont pass. good news in the los altos hills southbound 880 the accident is cleared from the road work and dumbarton road work until 5:00, a few more minutes and at 6:00 eastbound direction will be picked up.
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kristen and eric? >> researchers at the university of illinois are touting new technology that could revolutionize breast cancer tumor removal that allows surgeons to determine if all the tumor has been removed the first time. this could cut down on lumpectomies which are linked to higher rate of cancer recurrence and is in testing stages in illinois and will be used at trials on the east coast. it is only a few years away from wide-spread use. >> there is more evidence of a link between what you eat and acne, in a study of the association of diet, certain foods could cause more pimples especially dairy and carbohydrates contradicting wisdom there is no link between food and acne with 17 million acne sufferers and the disease
4:55 am
can lead to social withdrawal, anxiety, and depression. >> a study finds men with betters could be healthier than those without. here in san francisco former giants pitcher wilson was all about the beard. a study from australia said facial hair protects the sun but it slows down aging according to researchers because it stops water from leaving the skin keeping it moisturized and thick beards raise the temperature of the neck and may help battle colds. eric? they need a study on mustaches. >> i used to have a beard. >> did you feel healthier? >> i did but i was younger. we are following breaking news in san francisco where some homeowners are waking up without water. next at 5:00 a.m., the complication city workers are facing in trying to fix a water main break.
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>> the morning a lot of us have been waiting for, robin roberts returning to "good morning america" and we will show you the spend moment as the "good morning america" team
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a abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> good morning, it is 5:00 on this wednesday. we have breaking news to start the newscast. i am kristen sze. >> the breaking news is in san francisco where water stopped flowing the past 20 minutes down the streets of san francisco following a water main break this morning. officials have shut the mason street cable car line for this morning as a precaution for the time being. muni will run a bus in the area.
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a 12" water main burst and has been turned off. they turned off a 6" main that supplies two blocks of residents but they will turn that back on. >> this is the scene right now of crews trying to determine if any residents will affected by the 12" rain and they will have to dig up the streets. can you see that right now, the work going. >> cruise are working in cold conditions. now we will check with the weather and mike nicco. >> live doppler 7 hd shows you do not need the wet weather gear. it is dry. it is clear. it is cold in some areas. inland we have freezing temperatures in pleasant ton and 32 degrees and petaluma at 32 and oakland at 41 and financial district at 44 and temperatures in the mid-30's in the south bay right now. as we head in the afternoon hours expect temperatures to

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